KMD-5801 PLC Tier 2, with real time clock


KMD-5801 PLC Tier 2, with real time clock

The versatile, general purpose KMD-5801/5802 controllers are fully programmable and can serve in stand-alone environments or in peer-to-peer networks with other KMDigital devices.

As part of a complete building automation system, these Tier 2, 8 x 8 controllers provide precise monitoring and control of connected points, such as room temperature, humidity, fans, lighting, and other building automation functions.

They can help optimize the energy consumption of a building by implementing a variety of energy management standards.

These controllers can be used to implement proportional (P), proportional + integral (PI), or proportional + integral + derivative (PID) control sequences. They install and configure easily, are intuitive to program, and contain modular jacks for quick connections to KMD-1160/1180 series NetSensors.

Like all components in the KMC building automation system, the KMD-5801/5802 controllers are fully field programmable and backward compatible with all preceding KMDigital systems to 1984.

These robust controllers are built with exacting care. The quality processes of KMC Controls have been certified to ISO 9001 standards. Strict quality control ensures every component is properly designed and manufactured for longterm product reliability and performance.


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