KMD -1161 / 1164 Netsensor


KMD-1161/1164 NetSensor

A KMD-1161/1164 NetSensor® is a wall-mounted, temperature-sensing, programmable operator interface for use in a KMC direct digital controls system. The NetSensor allows easy, direct communication with the connected controller via a local access port.
The NetSensor includes nine function keys, seven of which are programmable. The simple and functional design combined with its programmable functions allows for a wide variety of key assignments.


These NetSensors provide the following features:

- Large, four-character LCD display for easy temperature viewing, plus smaller characters for time.
- Setpoint and up/down arrow buttons accessible through cover. Six additional function buttons behind the flip-open cover.
- Seven buttons may be programmed with the controller to display or control the state of any point in the attached controller.
- Four-pin EIA-485 (formerly RS-485) data port on the underside for easy temporary computer connection to the controller.


The KMD-1161/1164 NetSensor is compatible with the following controllers:
BAC-5800 series BACnet controllers
BAC-7000 series BACnet controllers
KMD-5800 series controllers
KMD-7000 series controllers


KMD-1161 Almond
KMD-1161W White
KMD-1164 Almond
KMD-1164W White

Note: If monitoring of relative humidity is desired, use a KMD-1181/1184.


The following accessories and parts are available:
- HMO-1161 4 x 4 inch backplate, almond
- HMO-1161W 4 x 4 inch backplate, white
- HPO-1161 Gasket
- HPO-0044 Replacement Allen screws (10)
- KMD-5690 25-foot plenum cable with connector
- KMD-5691 50-foot plenum cable with connector
- KMD-5692 75-foot plenum cable with connector
- KMD-5576 EIA-485 to USB Communicator
- KMD-5559* EIA-485 to EIA-232 CommTalk
- *KMD-5624 Cable, data port to modular plug (connects KMD-5559 to NetSensor)


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